Dakine Polish Skimboading Open 2012

The countdown has started to the third edition of the Polish Skimboarding Open. On July 27-28 the European Inland Skimboarding scene will be focused on Poland (City of Gdansk). The Polish Skimboarding Open earned the reputation as one the most important events of this kind in the world. Come July we expect the best riders from Europe and many from Poland. Last year the Open drew in over 100 registered competitors… who knows how many will be in 2012! The open formula of the contest allows both PRO and AM riders to compete against one another so this can be a turning point in career for some of them and better motivation for all riders. Competition will be conducted in male/female and age categories. In addition to the two days of struggling it out in the skimpark the Polish Skimboarding Open provides many additional attractions and among them include:
– 71 Mini School of Skimboarding for beginners.
– Free demos of skimboards.
– Rip Curl Party – after party for all competitors and spectators.
The PSOpen website has already started the on-line registration for riders.
More informations on: www.PSOpen.com and www.facebook.com/PSOpen