Dixie State College Skim Club Party

The Skim Club at Dixie State College set up a long and wide skim run on campus.

“It was a party that included skimboarding, volleyball, a slip n’ slide, and a BBQ and free fanny packs for the first 200 people that arrived,” DB Team Rider and skim club member Addison Foote said. “I would estimate that there were 1,000 + students there.”

Many of the party goers watched and participated in skimming.

“It was the first time for a lot of them trying it and tons of people had never even seen or heard of the sport before, so it was really good exposure for college students in St. George,” Addison said.
“I think will help the skim scene take off even more than it already has here in St. George.”

The DSC Skim Club is planning to try and throw one last night skim sesh at the river with a BBQ, a DJ, tiki torche and skimming of course.

It’s great to see new skim events popping up like this!